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Pistoia synonym of fun with the LIVELY Piazza della Sala!!

Lounge bars, pizzerias, pubs, all to spend a wonderful evening with friends, all in Piazza della Sala in Pistoia!

Analyzing the historical centre and coordinates youth movida pistoiese, is impossible not to notice a shift occurred over time. The heart is no longer in Pistoia Piazza Mazzini, or even before the globe, but became in effect the Hall. And the meeting is not just an exclusive of those who live the city capital of the province. Now, in Pistoia, we come from every part of Tuscany. Much of the credit of this boom is assigned to that host of restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs and activities are put into play over the years. The way we tried to offer the customer a landscape increasingly vast dining level, with different quality targets and different gastronomic addresses. This meant that the Hall is, over time, become a colorful and rich habitats, where virtually anyone can find the place more congenial to himself and where competition is high but voted yes to raising the quality of the offer, trying to get the best competitive price level.

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With farm Amedea you can rent through specialized partenrs bicycles of all kinds (mtb-race hybrids) and organize and tour with experienced guides through the beautiful Tuscany countryside and beyond, along the scenic hills of Montalbano, to the hills or visiting Leonardo Switzerland Pesciatina coming up at the Florentine hills.

A unique and fulfilling experience, discover it!!

Pistoia Italy's capital of culture 2017!!!

Pistoia Italy's capital of culture will be 2017. This was decided by the selection panel and the Chairman of the Board of examiners Marco Camels announced the appointment to the Minister of cultural heritage and tourism, Dario Franceschini, who then announced in the Salon of the National Council of Mibact on the afternoon of Monday, January 25.

From historic to good food, from art to music, dialogue on man: these are the strengths of the city

Pistoia was selected among 9 finalists: the other 8 were Aquileia, Como, Herculaneum, Parma, Pisa, Spoleto, Taranto and Terni. The three criteria guide the work that led to the designation were explained camels, quality of presentation, content and sustainability of the project. "Our work has been conducted by June so far, with seven sessions--said Camels-we examined 24 nominations, and in no case we found makeshift dosser. The criteria by which we operated on time are on the website of the Ministry. " Mayor Samuel Bertinelli has announced the victory of Pistoia Municipal Council, held at Palazzo di Giano on Monday afternoon.


"The nomination is very well supported in its different elements (congestion area, surrounding territory relations, breadth of sectors, management library system, important but realistic budget system and international partnership) widely appreciated as a whole". This motivation of the victory of Pistoia as Italy's capital of culture 2017, announced by the President of the selection Committee, Camels. "The project-reads the citation-for quality and completeness can interpret fully the existing resources, projecting them in a scenario also advanced international cultural heritage and associative participation. For these reasons the Commission proposes majority as Italy's capital of culture for the 2017 Pistoia ".



Dialogues on humans, anthropology of the contemporary festival, presents the seventh edition devoted to "humanity at stake. Company culture and games ", after the success of last year with 20,000 visitors. The dialogues they want to offer as wide a public as possible and all generations insights and tools to address and reverse engineer the reality in which we live. The culture is born in game shape because it is through simulation, fiction, anticipate situations that builds humanity. Dialogues, conferences, shows, movies and even some game to talk about rules and discipline, but also with pleasure and happiness, logic, chance, risk and adventure, simulation and strategy, learning and evolving, thanks to anthropologists, but also philosophers, writers, sociologists, scientists, psychoanalysts, sportsmen.

HERE the PROGRAM---> completo.pdf

Pistoia: Italian Culture Capital 2017



The candidacy of Pistoia was promoted by the municipality of Pistoia with the Tuscan region, province, Diocese of Pistoia, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio, Cassa di Risparmio and the Chamber of Commerce. Giulia Cogoli, Carlo Sisi and Virgilio Sieni are members of the Scientific Committee of the bid. The role of project manager is entrusted to Joseph Galla.

The candidacy of Pistoia was founded on the belief that to promote itself, a city does not have to show up other than it is, but enhance its own characteristics and peculiarities. For his candidacy in the Italian capital of culture, Pistoia has invested on some high quality cultural projects, carefully designed and managed by its cultural institutions and processing. The most significant investments, the result of a thorough reconnaissance, are intended to ensure the promotion of cultural heritage, tourism and cultural services and social cohesion.

Pistoia invests most of cultural policies routinely in double the national average, because it considers knowledge and culture as the first citizenship rights, yeast for the growth and formation of free citizens and aware democratic citizens.

Pistoia is a city of solidarity, democratic and inclusive, open to the world because it always been a crossroads of meetings and exchanges, a place of passage through the Apennine mountains of merchant routes, civil infrastructure as the railway Porrettana, of religious pilgrimages.

His story is long two millennia. Right in 2017 marks 900 years of its Statute of the consuls of 1117, the oldest collection of laws of the middle ages, received until today.

Pistoia is a city at a walking pace. Is a private, not city flaunts, and kept around its medieval heart, a green belt consisting of the mountains that surround North and from nursery production, developed in his flat.

Pistoia is a city and hardworking, with ancient traditions workers, who saw in its main factory of trains not only his most important industrial and productive, but also a political and social growth engine that forged identity and history.

Pistoia was a partisan town, silver medal for military valour for the liberation of the country from Fascism.

From these roots is food the city today, that it is ready to reveal himself to Italy and in the world.


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