The Farm Oil & Wine

  • Olive groves's number and typology: 400
  • Vineyards number and typology: 1000 (sangiovese)
  • Fruit Trees: (pear tree, fig tree, plum tree, cherry tree, lotus tree,juniper, myrtle, peach tree and mulberrys)
  • Hectars: 7



Evo Oil (extra vergin olive oil) cold squeezed inside the mills near the farm using innovatives processes that are able to bring out the genuineness of the oil with any variation of the oil organoleptic charateristics. The oil color is a deep green and the taste is unmistakable. Our passion for the ground and his products is expressed in all the activities of collecting and preservation of the olives, and also during the oil squeezing and the confection of the oil.

Red and White wine, suitable as table wine has an high quality for all the ones that desires to taste a good and genuine wine every day. The wine is 100% natural and it's made fermented using natural leavings without the use of tannins and sulfites. We are used to collect by hand each cluster. All the phases of the wine process from the collecting moment are made in the respect of the farmer traditions, without any alertation of the natural processes.
All the guests could join all the collecting activities and taking part of the wine production, in an warm atmosphere that can help them to found again the respect of the Nature and all the farm traditions.



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TripAdvisor is pleased to award a Certificate of Excellence 2015, this facility: Farm Amedea This prestigious award is given to facilities that regularly get higher scores by TripAdvisor travelers. Show it with pride to guests and the staff

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